Yeshua provides specific details on the identity of the Devil. Who the Devil really is may shock you!

Yeshua / Jesus provides specific details we can use to identify the Devil in a conversation he has with the Pharisees. In this video we get the bottom of who it is. Watch Two Gardens and a Snake for critical context before or after.

A PDF document of the mindmap can be downloaded here.

Read the book, The 12th Planet by Zechariah Sitchin.

Read in the Bible:

Job 1-2 & 28. (Oldest book in the Bible)

Genesis 1-3.

Psalm 82.

John – with these 5 questions in mind. What did Jesus say about: 1. Himself. 2. His father. 3. Where he came from. 4. What he came to do. 5. What will soon happen. 


Read seeking the answer to this question:

Who is Jesus in the Annunaki Pantheon of gods?

Once you have answered the question, everything will then start to unpack itself for you. Email me with the answer and WHY to: thequestion@andersondiscoveries.com

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