The Anderson

Who are we?
What is the universe?

New discoveries that may finally explain the origins of humankind and all life on earth.

It’s kinda like the Matrix. No one can be told what the Matrix is, you have to see it for yourself.

You must work out the answer on your own, or it will mean nothing at all. Just do the research. It’ll blow your mind.

If you cheat, you’ll just shrug your shoulders. You won’t have learned all the necessary supporting information that enables you to connect the dots yourself, and allows you to peek behind the curtain. 

Let’s begin.

Wait, is this real? Real answers?

I think so.

You’ll have to decide that for yourself.

In public peer review since January 2018. You’re about to see the strangest evidence for what and who we are, and who’s controlling the UFOs in our skies. They most definitely are alien.


The evidence is in a couple of extremely unexpected places. You’ll need to keep a really open mind. At first it seems absurd. And then there’s just too… much… evidence…

Who am I?

Before we go any further, I should introduce myself. I’m Israel Anderson. I was born in New Zealand. I was orphaned at seven and raised by the government until I was thirteen when I was sent to live with my mother, now in Newcastle, Australia. That wasn’t her choice so I lived on the streets for almost three years. I have no formal schooling beyond thirteen years of age, so I became a sponge. I paid attention.

At sixteen I was rescued by a small church. I eventually went to Seminary and became a Pastor. I moved to the US almost 14 years ago to work for a Christian ministry. I now live in Boulder, Colorado with my Golden Retriever, Tiaki. I was a Christian minister and serious student of the Bible all my life until a few years ago when I renounced Christianity. I did that because I found the deeper you go into the text, the less it supports Christianity. And finally I just had to let it go.


Let go of belief.

I didn’t just leave Christianity behind. I left all religious ideas behind. In fact, I left all belief itself, behind. I chose to replace belief with observation. To look, and to see the world. To forget everything I thought I knew, and abandon every trace of belief. To start over from scratch. To poke and prod the world and try to make sense of it. I just wanted to know what was real. I think that’s how I found this.


Sitchin wasn’t wrong.

Then I encountered a book. The 12th Planet, by Zechariah Sitchin. It didn’t make sense. How was any of this possible? And why didn’t I know about it? And how did Sitchin miss the single most important detail of the entire story. I don’t know. It’s very strange. Perhaps it simply had to happen this way. Someone else, after he has left us, completes the story that verifies his life’s work.


But Sitchin did get things wrong.

Some say Sitchin did a mediocre job of translating the ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets we uncovered, and keep finding. He messed up in places, but he got the general thesis correct. These stories also do not come from Sitchin, but from the ancient texts themselves. This story is echoed through so many of the ancient texts that we have. Like the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Enuma Elish, The Kings Lists, and literally hundreds of others.


Who are we?

The story goes a little like this. Approx 450K years ago, the Annunaki came to earth to mine it for gold. They’re fascinated with gold. Just like the god in the Bible. You’ll start seeing all the connections very quickly.

Later – they created a primitive worker. Us. Humans. You. We worked for them. We can see a lot of history went down. Massive mining and magnificent religious centers were created all over the globe. They were gods, and they kinda acted like it. These beings are responsible for all the ancient civilizations we keep uncovering, almost weekly. They built it all, using us as the labor.

To some of them, we were highly valued and respected, not exactly slaves, but workers. Others of them could not care less about the humans who were “noisy and preoccupied with sex”, killing us for no good reason, and even just abandoning us to perish. There was always trouble. Just like us today. They sent us to war against each other like children do with their toys.

We are caught in the middle of all this. Still. Something big is going down right now isn’t it. We all see it. A remnant of the Annunaki have always been here, but now a lot more are here. Russia has captured them smashing into our atmosphere on a new satellite. This is a big a moment for our species. Everything is about to change.


Sitchin missed something.

I don’t know how Sitchin missed the single most important piece of the puzzle. When I read the 12th Planet, I could see the connections to Jesus, over and over again. It was so clear, so obvious. Jesus was an Annunaki. He made that crystal clear. It’s right in the Bible. You’re about to see it for yourself. How did Sitchin miss this? I don’t know. BUT IT VERIFIES HIS THESIS. Sitchin isn’t wrong. There was just a missing piece. Sitchin did 80% of the work. Now – I am going to complete it.


The missing piece.

What I have found is incredibly unsettling. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It’s going to rock your world no matter who you are, no matter what you believe. To Christians – I don’t know what to tell you. The Bible is about to make a LOT more sense to you, but at the same time, you’re going to have a LOT of questions about Christianity, because if this is right, Christianity isn’t. Once you see this new context though, everything will make sense for the very first time. Remember, don’t move from one belief to another. Don’t believe in any of this. Just look at it.


So who is Jesus?

There’s just something interesting about Jesus, isn’t there? You’re never going to look at him the same way ever again. Sitchin talks a lot about Jesus in The 12th Planet, he just doesn’t realize it. The gods can reincarnate at will. Jesus was one of them. It can only be one. It’s a stunningly obvious, simple observation. You’ll see.

You’ll never view the Bible the same way again. You’ll see how the gods created the workers and gave them religion and tools and aids of all kinds. The same story that echoes around the planet. And while everyone fights over which religion is correct, we found the backstory. Somehow we ended up backstage, looking behind the curtain.


How did we not see this?

We have mistaken history, for some kind of mythology, a fairytale. And rightfully so, because it sounds completely absurd at face value. The ancient gods are real people like you and I. They have biological immortality. I have also solved some archeological mysteries. I know what the hand bags of the gods are. I know what they contain. I know what the great pit in Egypt is. It’s all connected. I’ll share another time.

We are a species in denial of the evidence that surrounds us. We are drowning in our made up beliefs and it’s blinded us. It’s time to let go of all belief. Belief is neither necessary nor helpful. We are also deprived of information. Hopefully we turn that corner today too. I’m just making sure you get the background required to answer the question on your own. If I tell you the answer, you will simply choose to form another belief in your head. The only way to see this, is for yourself.


Read The 12th Planet by Zechariah Sitchin.

Read in the Bible:
Genesis 1-3.
Psalm 82.
John, paying special attention to chapters 1 and 10.
Skim the book of Job, see what’s going on there.

Then you will be able to answer a simple question.

Who is Jesus in the Sumerian Pantheon?

Then you will have to consider the implications of this new information.

What are they?

Who are we?

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