The Anderson

Who are we?
What is the universe?

New discoveries that may finally explain the origins of humankind and all life on earth.

You must work out the answer on your own, or it will mean nothing at all. Just do the research. What you’ll find may unsettle you.

If you cheat, you’ll just shrug your shoulders. You won’t have learned all the necessary supporting information that enables you to connect the dots yourself, and allows you to peek behind the curtain. 

In public peer review since January 2018. You’re about to see the strangest evidence for what and who we are. Also for who’s controlling the UFOs in our skies.

The evidence is in a couple of extremely unexpected places. You’ll need to keep a really open mind. At first it does seem absurd. And then there’s just too much evidence.

When it comes to the origins of mankind, most people have already made up their minds as to what is real. Some have already decided certain things are laughably ridiculous and so they discount any possibility of them being real, whether evolution or “god did it”. Some years ago I abandoned all religious beliefs and decided upon answering two questions. Who are we? What is the universe? 

I began a search that I had no idea would so quickly yield persuasive results. It turns out the answer to the first question has been under our noses for some time. The world is full of evidence that’s being ignored, and two technologies, GPR or ground penetrating radar and LiDAR, are only increasing the stockpile of evidence.

So cut to the chase, what is it? We are the result of a vastly superior species that have long conquered the ability to terraform planets and create DNA-based life the same way we can create an iPhone that runs software code. They built this ecosystem on our planet and everything we see around us. All life on this planet from a blade of grass to you, runs on one singular highly sophisticated quaternary code base – DNA. This species has the ability to conceive and create almost anything they desire, and the abundance and variety of life all around us demonstrates this.

Through examination of ancient texts recovered in the last 200 years, primary sources that have been buried for many thousands of years and seriously predating the Bible, particularly from the Mesopotamian region, we are starting to put the pieces together, and we’re already a lot further along than most would guess. We have what I would describe as the scaffolding of the real history of humanity already in place. Every day our research continues and the details keep coming into a finer more granular view of our human history.

This planet has been occupied by other species many times in its ancient past, but this current epoch began ~450K years ago with the arrival of a landing party of 50, from the very planet that NASA and Caltech are currently searching for with the newly launched TESS satellite. It’s a planet in our solar system, mathematically proven thanks to the gravitational wobbles of the existing known planets.

They landed their craft in the waters off the coast of the Middle East and came ashore. They chose the area primarily due to the abundance of natural hydrocarbons that flowed directly to the surface there, an essential source of basic energy. From there they created bases to accommodate more, and eventually several hundred thousand of them occupied earth. Their main purpose was mineral extraction. Most were blue-collar workers and laborers. 

Approximately 132K years ago things became unsettled. Strikes over working conditions began and small skirmishes threatened to expand into war. Their leadership council met to discuss possible resolutions. Their lead scientist who had created the planet’s eco-system suggested they create a primitive worker much like themselves, fully capable of operating their machinery and taking over the work. We are primarily their DNA with a good amount of editing to reduce self-awareness, intelligence and strength. We are 2.5-3.5 feet on average shorter than they are, and we have significantly shorter life spans. 

The first humans were, even as modern science affirms, the black African. They were created 14 at a time, 7 male, 7 female, through IVF and surrogacy with the lead scientist’s own wife as the “mother”. Remarkably, we even have a carving of the very laboratory scene where this all took place. The first humans were sterile, intentionally unable to reproduce but that was later changed through DNA upgrades that could simply be consumed.

Over time multiple groups of humans were made for various purposes. Each human was made for their locale, already fully acclimatized to the region they were to reside in. Their skin was made for the local climate, digestive systems for what would grow there, etc. Eventually there were isolated pockets of humans around the world. 

Then the big reset. Academia is slowly warming up to the idea that ~11,600 years ago a massive, near-global tsunami swept over the continents several times burying much of earth’s history under thick layers of sediment, while other areas remained mostly unscathed. The evidence for this event is too overwhelming to ignore as some Bible story. Graham Hancock’s work gives valuable insight and everything I have found agrees with his research. Most of humanity was wiped out, but pockets of some survived. Hence the flood creation myths. This is also when they vacated the planet themselves. 

This other species knew this event was going to take place and decided not to tell the humans. Except one of them, the same lead scientist that created us, after creating the final group of humans for his own self, went against the agreement he had with the leadership council to not inform the humans of the coming catastrophe, and told his people to build a ship to survive – yes, the Noah’s Ark story. So wait, there -is- a Bible connection? Yes, there is. 

Though the Bible doesn’t come from any primary sources like an original clay tablet (we only have copies of copies), we do have plenty of these original and ancient non-Bible tablets where it is clear the Bible stories originated. And as stated earlier, they massively predate the Biblical texts. What is unique about my own discoveries is how I have been able to demonstrate that when the Christian interpretation is removed from the 66 separate texts that make up the Bible, many of them align perfectly with history and can no longer be discounted solely as fairytales. 

The Bible speaks plainly of this advanced species. It calls them gods because that is precisely what they are, to us. Psalm 82 is even the written record of the meeting of their high council where some are being chastised for their treatment of the humans. In Job 28 it talks about humans mining the earth for metals and smelting them long before Academia agrees any human was doing so. There are many anomalies like this in the Biblical texts that warrant further investigation. The Bible, it turns out, verifies much of what you’ve just read. People are simply unaware of it.

What then do we do with the story of Jesus? Is Jesus real or a fiction as many claim? It turns out that Jesus is indeed one of them and really did come as a human 2000 years ago. I could explain why in great detail, but if you got this far, now is a good time for you to start digging deeper and seeing things for your own self. You’ll learn about an ongoing conflict between two of them, one that cares nought for the humans, and one that is set on seeing massive change take place on earth where humans are set free of the bondage some of their species have had us under for thousands of years.

We are re-discovering all this information right now because something is coming to a head. Humanity is about to go through a massive shift. War is coming. A war to set things right once and for all. An invasion of extra-terrestrials, the same ones that made us. They are bringing war but not to us, but to their own kind and the few humans that have chosen to align themselves with them. Then peace. Already here on earth the war has begun. The UFOs know everything about their enemy. The constant preoccupation of the tictac and gimbal UFOs with the US, Chinese and Russian military is no coincidence. They are preparing for war.

Here is the key to unlocking human history. I’m going to give you some resources to read, and a question to answer. Once you have accumulated enough information to answer the question, all your doubts will be erased. As far as we are aware, not one single individual that has done the work and answered the question has then doubted what they have uncovered. The EVIDENCE is simply so abundant and so overwhelming. Don’t delay. Get started today. It will take you about 15 hours of reading. I recommend the audiobook from Audible, and if you don’t already have an account, the book will be free.

Read the book, The 12th Planet by Zechariah Sitchin.

Read in the Bible:

Job 1-2 & 28. (Oldest book in the Bible)

Genesis 1-3.

Psalm 82.

John – with these 5 questions in mind. What did Jesus say about: 1. Himself. 2. His father. 3. Where he came from. 4. What he came to do. 5. What will soon happen. 


Read seeking the answer to this question:

Who is Jesus in the Annunaki Pantheon of gods?

Once you have answered the question, everything will then start to unpack itself for you. Email me with the answer and WHY to:

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