Who are we?
What is the universe?



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Anderson Discoveries is dedicated to advancing the research, discoveries and dialogue on humanity’s inception on Earth.

Uncovering the mysteries of humanity since 2018.

Anderson Discoveries’ mission is to pursue a better understanding of the dynamic scope of our human origins here on Earth.

Driven by the power of our curiosity, our goal is to create a wide variety of research programs, teachings, and educational materials that provide answers to our two driving questions, “Who are we?” and “What is the universe?”


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Through examination of ancient texts recovered in the last 200 years, primary sources that have been buried for many thousands of years, we are starting to put the pieces together as to how humanity came to exist on earth. 

“The key to moving forward is what we do with our discomfort. We can use it as a door out – blame the messenger and disregard the message. Or we can use it as a door in by asking, Why does this unsettle me? What would it mean for me if this were true?”


— Robin DiAngelo


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